Judging a Book by its Cover: The Wind Singer

The Wind SingerWhen I posted to Facebook that I was (re)reading William Nicholson’s The Wind Singer, one of my friends flipped. She begged me to tell her where I found an ebook, and it was my great regret to tell her I borrowed it from the high school library where I work.

The Wind SingerThis (on the right) is the cover of the paperback by my bed. I am not a fan. I don’t find it very visually appealing, and I don’t feel like it tells you too much about the story. I grew up on the American edition, with the green border. I guess looking at it, it’s a bit weird, but I think it tells me a lot more about the story. It looks a little younger, too.

The Wind SingerI am just not a fan of this red version. So I went to Goodreads and made sure to set my book to the edition I read in middle school, and I was surprised to find there are so many cool covers in other places. Dare I say it… even cooler than the (my?) original cover?

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It reminds me of Divergent. I hated Divergentbut maybe the cover is good marketing. This version looks older than the green version I read, but younger than the red version in my library. I think the style will be dated soon, though.

The Wind SingerI think this version (Spanish) is my favorite. I just like the style, but I’m not sure why only Kestral and Bowman are on the cover… Where’s Mumpo?

loved this book as a child. My friend told me she wanted to name her daughter Kestral, after this character. I remember the same fierce love for her when I read it. She stood out to me, as a reader of fantasy, as a girl protagonist. (Up until then, my favorite books were Harry Potter, and Redwall. It would be another few years until I read the Alanna books.)

There’s a lot going on in these books, so maybe I’ll do a looking back/looking forward reread post once I finish the trilogy.


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