Fanmix Fridays: Silmarillion

never trust a liar from sycamoreleaf on 8tracks Radio.

I’m lucky. My schedule works out so I have a lot of time by myself in the library, and I’m allowed to listen to music. One of my favorite things to do is find a fanmix on 8tracks, so I never really have to leave the story I’m reading, even while I work.

(What is a fanmix? basically, it’s “a compilation of songs inspired by a fannish source,” according to Fanlore – a portmanteau like “fanfiction” or “fanart.”  The other term, “fan soundtrack” gives a good idea.)

So I thought, every week, I’d highlight one that I’ve enjoyed. I’ll start with this one, a fanmix for Aulendil, who nerdier readers will recognize as Sauron, before he was Sauron. (Fandom has really run wild with Sauron’s characterization in The Silmarillion, which made an occasionally tedious and dry text a lot more exciting.)

This is a great mix, with clever song choices and a lot to rock out with while I shelve books.


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