Sunday Morning Paper: Hobbit Day

in a hole in the ground there livedHomodachi and Friends Call For Submissions #2: Self-Care and Community Sustainability

Homodachi and Friends is a zine for the English-speaking LGBT community (and their friends/allies) living in Japan. We are dedicated to archiving and documenting the LGBTQ experience, history, knowledge, and politics in all of its manifestations—whether it be literary, theoretical, poetic, or artistic in structure. We believe that by carving out space for these voices to be heard, we can create community and sustain it simultaneously. With a commitment to this mission statement, we offer our call for submissions for the second issue of Homodachi and Friends.

The theme for the second issue will be self-care and community sustainability.

Don’t Let Classic YA Novels Go Out of Print

Well, you know, it’s interesting. Yes. [YA] is a girl thing. Which is why the whole genre, for ages, has been kind of maligned. … That was part of my resistance to John Green’s books. Because it’s, like, can’t we talk about cancer without these two kids being in love? Very unlikely they’re actually going to be in love. But it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have a deep and interesting relationship. … But it’s, like, why are we even talking about men? Like, I can’t even talk about a genre of literature that was ghettoized because it was by women without also talking about men, too. It drives me insane.

Integrity Disqualifies Sanders for White House

The Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’s potential bid for the 2016 Presidency was declared over, on Monday, before it even began, because of a key feature of the American political system that makes a person with integrity ineligible for the White House.

According to some experts, the electoral system has developed a number of safeguards over the past few decades to prevent someone with independence and backbone from occupying the Presidency.


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