“What Are You Reading?” Wednesday (September 24, 2014)

SupermanWhat are you reading?

Right now, I’m reading Superman: The High-Flying History of the Man of Steel. I’m not usually a big reader of nonfiction, and manga aside, I don’t read comics – not usually American comics, and definitely not superhero stuff, but The Magician’s Book got me into this sort-of “biography of a book” genre.

What did you recently finish?

I finished those books I was jumping around reading, What’s Left of Me and I am J. While I recognize the importance of I am J – one Goodreads reviewer called it “the Annie on my Mind of trans-masculine teen narratives” – I did not enjoy it. I didn’t like J, and I especially didn’t like his unquestioned homophobia and misogyny; masculinity, trans or otherwise, is no excuse to disparage girls and women, a lesson J never learned in his story.

What's Left of MeWhat’s Left of Me, on the other hand, was way better than I was expecting and I really can’t wait to find out how Eva and Ryan’s romance is going to work out when neither of them are the only (or even primary) inhabitant of their bodies. Addie and Devon aren’t really into each other, at least not that way. I hope they don’t get together. That would be such a cop out.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I already put Once We Were (Hybrid Chronicles #2) on my phone so I can find out what happens to Eva, Addie, and the others. I am so sold on this premise.


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