“What Are You Reading?” Wednesday (October 1, 2014)

What are you reading?

I started Once We Were (Hybrid Chronicles #2) and Diamond (Hetty Feather, #4) yesterday at work. I still have Superman: The High Flying History of the Man of Steel on my phone’s ereader, too.

Hetty FeatherWhat did you recently finish reading?

finally got the chance to read Emerald Star (Hetty Feather #3). We got it in at the beginning of the year from Titlewave and it kept getting checked out. I managed to grab it on the way in and nobody asked for it (usually I keep my library reading books on my desk and students are allowed to borrow them) so I finally had the chance to read it the whole way through.

I was surprised by the ending, but when I was explaining to my friend how I felt about it, I realized that it was very well foreshadowed through the whole series, really, and especially in the final book.

What will you read next?

I’ve only just started Diamond and Once We Were, so those will keep me entertained for a bit longer. This Friday is a librarians’ meeting for the region, and I’m sure I’ll pick up book recommendations there. You can’t put a gaggle of librarians in a room together for a whole day and expect them not to swap book suggestions!


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