Sunday Morning Paper: Vampires with iPhones

Missingno.No More Language Arts and Crafts

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd can’t offset a year of reading logs and book reports. Our children must spend more time reading than they spend completing reading-related activities. Generating grades shouldn’t drive teaching decisions. Our children must
develop positive reading identities. Worksheets don’t value readers or reading. Children should not become readers in spite of school.

Review: Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

The undead in Anne Rice’s latest instalment of her Vampire Chronicles, Prince Lestat, are troubled and entranced by the digital age. The once sparse vampire population has exploded and “blood drinkers with picture-capturing iPhones; satellite mobiles … better than telepathy” are everywhere. They have upgraded their music collections to CD, embraced flat-screen television and learned how to email, blog and broadcast via digital radio but, as many celebrities have discovered, it is hard to remain legendary in a world saturated in social media. The children of the night can no longer rely on remote chateaus, dense forests and icy reaches to conceal their presence.

Pokémon‘s Famous Missingno Glitch Explained

Missingno has also spawned all sorts of creepypasta and theories regarding its significance in the Pokémon world. Some people say that Missingno occupies the slots of deleted Pokemon that didn’t end up making the cut. One of my favorite fan theories posits that Missingno can be considered an intentional inclusion. Consider Cinnabar Island, and its Pokémon Lab. The player uses the Pokémon Lab to resurrect fossil Pokémon, but it’s also where scientists created Mewtwo, one of Pokémon’s most famous legendaries. That is to say: Cinnabar Island is a place where messed-up experiments have taken place, all in the name of engineering new Pokémon. How perfect is it that a player would encounter a monstrous, inexplicable thing on Cinnabar Island? Or the fact that this Pokémon is number #000, or that it’s capable of learning any move? How perfect is the fact that all of its forms are liminal things, like glitches, ghosts and fossils? How perfect is it that, should a player use Missingno in battle, other sprites may become scrambled or reversed? How perfect is it that when Missingno cries out, it sounds like garbled versions of other Pokémon we know and love?


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