Judging a Book by Its Cover: Etiquette & Espionage

Etiquette & EspionageEtiquette & EspionageWhen I bought a copy of Etiquette & Espionage to carry to the Sakura Medal meeting, my co-worker was surprised by the cover. She had read the Japanese translation, which looks nothing like the American/English cover I ordered.

Like Among Others, the American/English cover looks a lot “older” and fancier than the Japanese translation. I think it looks more “girly,” too. Sophronia looks a lot older than her fourteen years in the American/English cover, more like sixteen, seventeen years old. It looks like the higher end of young adult; I think the actual age range is somewhere between the two covers. (I found the same thing with Castle of Shadows.)

I hate this “girl books” and “boy books” thing and I regularly explain to my students that, yes, boys can read Rainbow Magic and girls can read Beast Quest. This comes as a surprise to some of them.

I wonder about the students – girls and boys – who might miss out on this book. I’m not sure I would have read this book in high school without a librarian to reassure me that it’s about steampunk spies. Which I guess is why we have librarians.

EDIT: I finally figured out the Japanese title with help from a friend: ソフロニア嬢、空賊の秘宝を探る, Miss Sophronia and the Treasure of the Sky Pirates.


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