Sunday Morning Paper: Injustice System


Peace among protest: A Portland police officer noticed a 12-year-old boy holding a sign that read “Free Hugs” during a Ferguson demonstration in Oregon. The officer started talking to the boy about the demonstration, school and life. When they were done talking, the officer asked if he was going to get a hug. The boy teared up — and obliged.

From Stuff White People Like to #NotYourShield: How irony is killing activism 

Snark works. No one likes to be the object of it. Especially when it’s tearing down a hypocrisy that you’re all too aware of; how many guys who are into feminism aren’t, at this point, aware of how negative the “white knight” stereotype is?
So in the aggregate it discourages guys from speaking out; it makes it that much easier for a guy to say “This isn’t my business” or “I don’t want to get involved.” And in the aggregate it makes it easier for women to get disproportionate harassment without resistance, and forces women to bear more of the burden of speaking out.

Regulations For Your Rage

Your rage can be something when it grows up.

Please make sure your rage is logical rather than emotional. Your rage will have a hard time if it is overly sensitive.

We would advise your rage that it should bring along a resume and/or CV with a timeline of proof.

If only your rage had had two parents. Think what it could have done!

Your rage should take the time to educate others about what has made it so inexplicably angry.

If your rage uses that word, why can’t I?

A Nationwide Outpouring of Support for Tiny Ferguson Library

With the donations this week, Bonner plans to purchase more “healing kits” for children to check out. The kits include books about dealing with traumatic events and a stuffed animal that they can keep.


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