Sunday Morning Paper: Rewriting the Future

Rewriting the Future

For all of our ability to analyze and critique, the left has become rooted in what is. We often forget to envision what could be. We forget to mine the past for solutions that show us how we can exist in other forms in the future.

That is why I believe our justice movements desperately need science fiction.

This is a Dead Mom Essay

Having grown up with my mom being sick and then dying when I was 16 feels like exactly as significant and inextricable a part of my identity as being queer or anything else. So it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that trying to hide from it took me, more than once, to a breaking point. Once I was able to step into it, I began to blossom.

Shibuya Ward Plans Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

A Tokyo ward has taken a major step toward realizing the dreams of Japan’s same-sex couples by proposing to issue certificates that recognize such relationships as “equivalent to marriage.”

Shibuya Ward pledged the measure as part of a draft statute Thursday to boost gender equality and strengthen human rights for sexual minorities.

Brands Are Not Your Friends

People tend to talk to brands on the internet like they might have lost their virginity to them. They very well may have—an empty bag of @Doritos under the mattress or in the parking lot of a @McDonalds—but it’s a one-way relationship. Your sister’s face has never appeared on a highway billboard, but Nestlé and Burger King and motherfucking Denny’s show up in the same streams as your loved ones.

This is the business model of the social web. Someone has to pay for the services we use to keep in touch with our friends, after all. On Facebook, the button to “like” a brand (like a brand!) is functionally identical to “liking” another person. The vast, awful landscape of Brand Twitter has become a playground for social media managers to act like virtual tweens. The prevailing online marketing strategy for brands in 2015 is to blend in with the children, become just another bae to fave and retweet.


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