Then Now Next Thursday (April 2, 2015)

The WhisperI decided to make up a weekly check-in since the demise of both What Are You Reading? Wednesdays and What’s Up? Wednesdays.


I recently finished reading Aaron Starmer’s The Whisper, second book of three in the Riverman TrilogyHoly Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, by Melissa Mohr; and since we’re reading poetry books in library class to celebrate National Poetry Month, I read Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s The Gruffalo with my students. They can vote on The Gruffalo or a selection of dinosaur-themed poems; votes have overwhelmingly gone to The Gruffalo in every class so far this week.


I picked up Story Thieves, by James Riley, when I finished Holy Sh*tI knew after enjoying a nonfiction book that much, I’d need to switch genre tracks, so I went for MG meta fantasy. Then I got really into writing a detailed annotation of Story Thieves, but I needed something to just read on the train, so I went back to Iron-Hearted Violet after literally months hiatus in the middle of the book.

Iron Hearted VioletI don’t know why I had to press pause on this book. It’s so good. Maybe it was too good. Sometimes, if I’m not in a good headspace and something is too beautiful, it hurts and I just can’t. Well, I picked it back up, and it’s so beautiful and so perfect. Iron-Hearted Violet is everything.


What I really want to read is the third volume of the Riverman Trilogy, but not only has it not been released, there’s not even any title, release date, or cover! Rude. I really need to know what happens to Aquavania before I can decide wether or not I liked The Riverman and The Whisper.

Seeing as I can’t have that, instead I’m going to finish up the books I’m reading (including The Silmarillion) and I got really excited about The Great Beanie Baby Bubble when I first heard about it on BookRiot.


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