Fictional Friend Friday: Fay D Flourite

Fictional Friend Friday is hosted by The Quiet Child.

Fay D FlouriteI would be lying if I didn’t start this meme with Fay D Flourite, one of the supporting characters in CLAMP’s TSUBASA: RESERvoiR CHRoNiCLE (and now, the sequel, WoRLD CHRoNiCLE).

(It’s ファイ•D•フロライト in Japanese, alternately romanized as Fay, Fye, Fai, and Flourite, Fluorite, and Flowright. The only thing anyone can agree on is the D, but it’s not an initial, so it shouldn’t be followed by a period. CLAMP’s official, if slightly bizarre, romanization is Fay D Flourite, except that it rhymes with “eye” and he’s named after fluorite, the stone. It’s complicated.)

Fay is, without a doubt, and a little embarrassingly, my favorite fictional character in anything, ever.

It’s typical of manga and anime to have certain archetypes, and for fans to prefer characterizations. I have a friend who likes the quiet sociopath character. My students usually love the brash hero or sweet friend best. My favorite characterization shorthand is the quiet, smiley one with a deep, dark secret.

That character? will almost always be my favorite, and Fay is that character better than any other. (Sayuki‘s Cho Hakkai comes in a close second.) He’s sweet and tragic and funny and sad and really, really ridiculously good looking.

There’s a reason I put TSUBASA on my list of Top Ten Favorite Books to Reread, and that reason is Fay. Oh, it’s an enjoyable series in the sense of pretty art and cool outfits and kicking butt, and then at the end the plot turns into a glorious train wreck, but what really makes it my favoritest manga ever is this character, Fay.