Reflections on the First Week of School

hallway displayHow was the first week of school? The first day went pretty well, and I had time on Tuesday to start on the constellation display outside of the library. But I left it unfinished, because I’ve been at home since Wednesday.

The school nurse sent me to the doctor’s office that morning with a mysterious rash. The doctor sent me home that afternoon with 28,000mg total of antivirals, because I came down with shingles.

Who knew?

So I missed most of the first week of the 2015-2016 school year. This wasn’t really how I hoped to start the school year.

Instead of reading to my students and sharing all of the exciting changes in the library this year, I spent most of the week in bed with an icepack on my head. (The rash goes from the top of my head down the back of my neck.) Shingles isn’t contagious, but there was a risk of spreading chickenpox to my students or their younger family members.

What did I learn? Well, for one thing: always go to the doctor. I was going to put it off, because I had volunteered to help out at welcome night on Wednesday evening, but the school nurse and the principal told me to go to the clinic right away. I kept trying to go back to school, but my friends and family warned me away; it’s better to heal up than rush it and make it worse.

tiny seal friendSo I’ve been here with the tiny seal friend my roommate brought me home from the gift shop. Since Wednesday, I’ve been to the doctor’s office again when the rash spread to my ear. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

The only upshot to all of this was the time to read. I blew through The Accident Season, which I lucked out and got from CLAMS on release day; I’ll write a review when I’m a little more coherent. The medicine doesn’t have any noticeable side-effects, but it’s hard to concentrate when half of your scalp hurts.

Since my copies of Princeless volumes 1-3 arrived just before the start of the school year, I had Adrienne and Bedelia and Raven to keep me company.

This is not the entry I wanted to be writing after my students’ first week back at school, but you can’t always get what you want. I’ll be back at work on Monday, a little sore and a little tired, but very excited to finally see my students.